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Thursday, 03 June 2010

Site hasn't been abandoned, just been twidling my thumbs far too much and letting other things get in the way. Still hoping to get the site up and running by the end of June, but crossing fingers that much more.

I've been getting some bits and pieces of the site put together... sadly not enough for getting content properly up and running. I'm wondering whether or not I'd be better off getting articles added in a "once they're ready" fashion, rather than holding out until whole sections are completed. Would at least show that things are going on with putting the site together.

Big thanks to the folks from Shining Force Central who've been helping me with the design updates - these are still work in progress, but your advice has at least helped me get a few rungs up the ladder!

I've started getting the hang of making PHP content, and although still plan to make the site use mostly static content I'm hoping that further progress with it may mean I can add some dynamic bits to the site. I've just about finished a comments & submissions form, so visitors can send me suggestions for what I should do with the site and how I should do it. - Still under construction, but...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Site "launched" - at least with an introductory speech about what's planned for the site.

(This content has now been moved to the "About this site" page until I properly rewrite the page's content.)